After My Death (2017)

My close friend is dead, and people swam around me for answers.
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6 / 10

Good movie, but with lots of wasted potential...

Given the sole fact that this is a South Korean movie was more than sufficient to make me want to sit down and watch it. And so I did, without knowing what the movie was about, or whom was in it.

From the title and the movie's cover/poster, I must admit that I had expected to be in for a horror movie. Which it turned out not to be. "After My Death" (aka "Joi manheun sonyeo") was a rather slow-paced drama.

While the storyline was pretty interesting and well-told, the movie was just dragging on and at 2 hours long it felt like you got nowhere really. And truth be told, then it felt like you were sitting through a 4 hour long movie. Yes, the pacing of the movie was that tedious and slow.

That being said, what carried the movie was its storyline and the really great acting performances of the cast, especially Yeo-bin Jeon, playing Yeong-hee.

There were some pretty nice and interesting elements to the storyline, which I felt that director and writer Ui-Seok Kim barely skimmed, which was a shame because there was so much untapped potential for a very intense and captivating movie here. Sure, it was enjoyable and watchable, but it just felt a bit too hasted and shallow at certain points throughout the prolonged 2 hours running time.

While "After My Death" is not a particularly outstanding or memorable movie addition to the South Korean cinema, it does have enough contents to make it watchable at least once.

7 / 10

unsatisfactory ending

I think this film has high potential at the beginning of the story and the actors are good in playing the role, but some scenes make me wonder. One of the policemen said that the CCTV was broken, and in the other the police said that when "they" kissed were caught on CCTV, it was quite strange. And unfortunately the end of the story is a bit hanging and again makes you wonder, what is the meaning of the last scene shown. Did the girl decide to commit suicide or what? Maybe I don't understand the plot, try watching it. Will you agree.

4 / 10

Crazy notions

Girl goes missing. Back pack found IN river !!

1. Mum n Dad set up camp on the riverbank of the police search site ?

2. Only the back pack has been found no body at this stage. Mass interview with teachers and they're all speaking in the past tense and relaying how weird the missing girl WAS ?

3. CCTV does not work on the bridge by she must have committed suicide from there ?

4. The mother of the missing girl sits in on police interviews with the other pupils ?

I'm only 15 minutes in as well. Daft film.

Surely this does not really reflect air is near the truth. Its like a sombre dark comedy.

Switched off !!

Korean movies usually get a big audience. I should have guessed this was bad as there are only 3/4 other reviews.