Adults in the Room (2018)

Adults in the Room is a movie starring Christos Loulis, Alexandros Bourdoumis, and Ulrich Tukur. Greece in 2015: the economy is in tatters and the country is on the verge of bankruptcy. A new government rebels against the EU's...
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  • Yanis Varoufakis, Writer:
  • Costa-Gavras, Director:
  • Michèle Ray-Gavras, Producer:
6 / 10

A European Circus

A clear view from within the eurogroup during the Greek drama. Gavras is bold and shows high tensions, clear colors of the circus we live in, luck of democracy, solid reasons for criticism of an amateur leftist government including Yianis and a great Lulis acting this role. The finale though is weak imo. A solid 6! - but we must revisit the film a few years later. Gavras takes the risk and makes the movie from his and Varoufakis point of view and gives a true atmosphere of the time. If you watch the film watch it trying to stay out from political parties and personal views. Discuss it later.

4 / 10


Having read the book "Adults in the room" I was waiting much more from this film. My impression is that Gavras, trying to fit the book in a two hour movie has messed it up. In contrast to the book I couldn't see any evolution of characters but meetings meetings and more meetings (Eurogroup etc). Thé scenes failed to give the narration and the atmosphere that exist in the book. Moreover the film is messed up chronically. Someone who doesn't know the story cannot understand if the whole story occurs in a week or a month or more. The use of first names was really annoying. The Final scene is completely out of nowhere and is nonsense, coming from Greek musical from the 60's.

No in contrast to the book - which I consider as a must read - this film is a total mess. C'est dommage pour Gavras.

5 / 10


Honestly I couldn't believe starting from the first scenes of the film that this was a Costas Gavras film. It screamed "quick and dirty" approach through out the entire movie. Bad direction, bad lighting and photography - almost amateur. It's really a pity that such an acclaimed creator made this work... Nice surprise from the Loulis in the role of Yannis Varoufakis, at least he was ok to watch.

1 / 10

Terrible acting, bad scenario based on a poor, one-sided script.

This is one of the worst movies of Mr. Gavras. In my opinion, this one along with "Le capital" are very bad movies.

"Adults in the Room" is based on a really poor script. The story is f course one sided, it is fictional rather than political (which is bad for the movie as it strives to be political), in several occasions the script becomes hilarious, while the acting could only be characterized as ridiculous.

The problem with Mr. Gavras is that in both this movie and the Capital, he is dealing with subjects and issues he is completely unaware of. Instead of asking for some help, even for the sake of making the point as he would like too, he believes he can present to the audience financial, macroeconomic, legal or international relations issues in a childish, non-scientific way, ending up making a poor movie.

Greece is now borrowing from the markets with interest rates lower than the US, unemployment is falling, banks are open, many of the taxes imposed during crisis, are gradually being cancelled. Greece was saved by the Europeans, not by charlatans, which makes this movie even more irrelevant to reality, no to say anything worse.

9 / 10

A review from the Venice Film Festival screening.

This year I had the opportunity to attend Venice film Festival. One of the movies I saw there was Adults in the Room by Mr. Costa-Gavras. This movie is all about Greek politics and I'm from Greece too so I was excited to see how they were portrayed. The movie was excellent, it demonstrated the situation how it really was of course from Mr. Varoufakis book who was really an insider to the politics back then. All in all, the movie is worth watching especially for people who are into politics and don't pay attention to the bad reviews they are from Greek people with different political beliefs who also haven't seen the movie because it's not out yet. Thank you for reading.