Adult World (2013)

Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, John Cusack, Cloris Leachman,
A naive college graduate, Amy, who believes she's destined to be a great poet, begrudgingly accepts a job in a shop while she pursues a mentorship with reclusive writer Rat Billings.
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  • Andy Cochran, Writer:
  • Scott Coffey, Director:
  • Manu Gargi, Alex Goldstone, Justin Nappi, Joy Gorman Wettels, Producer:


7/10 / 10

Don't go to this movie and expect a grand comedy, the jokes are notpiled on to one another with just enough room between them for you tocatch your breath.

I had never heard of this movie and just watched it because I love JohnCusack, and when I became aware of it's existence I didn't readanything about it before watching (I like to do that, go in to a movieblank in mind, not expecting anything) and I found it to be a sweetmovie. It's not the best movie ever, but it is not the worst. It hadit's LOL- moments but they were few although not out of place, when Ilater watched IMDb and saw it was ranked as a comedy and not a drama Iwas dumbfounded. I would rank it as a comedy/drama at least.

Emma Roberts character felt a little ambiguous at times. And it wasweird but actually really refreshing to see John Cusack in the role ofthe asshole, not a role he often plays without humor attached to it.

It's a movie well worth the watch, if you only keep an open mind to itgoing in. And I really liked it for what it was, a sweet movie about agirl trying to follow her dreams.

/ 10

Am I the only one here who's literally blown AWAY from this movie byEmma's performance? Although I liked the premise, the main character iscompletely over the top,annoying, boring and unfunny. Or Emma Robertsjust made her that way... She keeps playing that same type of girlrecently and it wouldn't be a problem at all if that type of girl isn'tpainfully annoying. I generally like coming of age movies, just lastnight I've watched Bitchkram, which is heartwarming although the maincharacter is supposed to be annoying and bitchy. In Adult world maincharacter supposed to be cute and likable, but she's everything butthat. So I just gave up watching at one point, because I couldn't careless what will happen to her.

6/10 / 10

I'm not familiar with Emma Roberts. But I thought she was quiteeffective here. I totally bought her rendition of a clueless collegekid with lots of "feelings."

It was a tad depressing to see a depiction of another brainless kidwith massive college loan debt and no knowledge of anything under thesun. Why do parents buy into that scam. At least here the parents tryto point out the danger of her absurd and spoiled pursuit. But ofcourse they coddled her and bankrolled it for years.

The other silly notion that liberal arts grads. carry around is thatthey were all meant to do something unique and special. Cusack'scharacter has some of the best lines in the movie when he reminds herthat not everyone is talented or destined for greatness.

Congratulations to the writers for also having the young male leadremind our girl that she was a worthless, lazy employee and an elitist.With the help of these good friends, she manages to learn something.

We later learn that the young male lead has his own hobbies andpassions which this self-absorbed pixie never bothered to inquireabout. But it was refreshing that she was a virgin and that the youngman took time to really get to know her.

I also appreciate the Syracuse in Winter setting. Like I've said inother reviews, not every movie has to take place in some glamorousmainstream city. There are plenty of human stories taking shape in grayplaces that no one would otherwise think about if they weren't thesetting in a movie.

There's not much memorable music here, which is fine, because it was adialogue and character-driven half-comedy. I don't need Indie moodmusic for such a film.

There are no sexy scenes worth mentioning by the way. Roberts goeswithout makeup and our old mentor played by Cusack is refreshingly nota "perv."

8/10 / 10

This was just an adorable little independent film. Cusack gives hisbest Cusack-esque performance. Emma Roberts is also enchanting. Is thefilm perfect, or near? Not really, but there are some nice, actuallyvery funny scenes sprinkled throughout. The idea is unique one. Whileis structure has been done, the coming of age straight out of collegestory, and also seems to be hot right now in most youth culture films.I believe that with some quirky, interesting scenes, the picture isvery entertaining and very funny. I always encourage Emma Roberts tokeep working because she really does have some talent and just needs tobreak out of the teen star typecast. Overall I enjoyed it and thoughtit was great for what it was.

5/10 / 10

"If everything was great then nothing would be great, nothing would bespecial." Amy (Roberts) is a naive college grad who dreams of being apoet and being published. After sending samples of her work to everypublisher she can think of she is disheartened when they all turn herdown. She reluctantly takes a job at an adult sex shop while waitingfor her big break. She also meets her idol Rat Billings (Cusack) whoturns out not to be what she was hoping for. First and foremost thismovie is entertaining and easy to watch. On the other hand though itspretty generic and predictable. Emma Roberts continues to grow as anactress and it's only a matter of time before she wins an Oscar. Themovie itself is OK and worth seeing but this is nothing all thatspecial and isn't really one I would watch over again. There is bothcomedy and heart in this but real substance is lacking. All that saidthough I do think this is fun and entertaining but don't expect to beblown away. Overall, good and worth seeing but really only once. I givethis a B-.