Adele One Night Only (2021)

A primetime special welcoming back the superstar performer with an extraordinary concert performance that includes the earliest opportunity to hear her first new material in six years.
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9 / 10

Number One Fan!

I love Adele, always have and always will! But she didn't actually sing... All those people at the Observatory, and all us millions in the TV audience, watched a beautiful woman in a lovely, striking dress, move her lips and arms.

10 / 10


Perfection from beginning to end. Real music. Real talent. So so good! So worth watching it. Love her so much. She's so real. Can't wait for the album to drop. Was great the interviews with Oprah part of it and learn so much about her.

6 / 10

Less talking more singing

I love Oprah and Adele but next time please do the interview before the show, not in and out. It ruins the mood! Also a wardrobe change or two would have been nice, even though I loved the dress. But all black during the holidays? Setting was beautiful and Adele sounded great as usual.

10 / 10

What a show!

This is the greatest concert I've ever watched.

Adele, orchestra, audience members, scene, everything everything everything was literally perfect.

Watch and enjoy!

10 / 10

Adele - A voice of and for every generation

Adele can sing LIVE and you can't see that much anywhere these days, especially not the night before during the SNL. Her lyrics are poetic. Her voice is better than ever. Her ability to put so much emotions in every lines of her songs is unmatched. From her timeless classics, 'Rolling in the Deep' and 'Someone Like You', to her new songs and soon to be her classics, 'Hold On' and 'Love is a Game', Adele is truly a once in a generation artist, a voice of and for every generation.