Acquainted (2018)

Giacomo Gianniotti, Laysla De Oliveira, Rachel Skarsten, Jonathan Keltz,
After old acquaintances run into each other at a bar, they each begin seeing each other and question their own respective long-term relationships.
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  • Natty Zavitz, Director:
  • Peter Harvey, Stephanie Sonny Hooker, Aidan Kahn, James O'Donnell, Producer:

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10 / 10

Wonderful delightful move about love

This was spectacular movie about love and connection . We all deserve a little love in our lives.

9 / 10


It was with great expectations that I began to watch this movie. I laughed, and cried and my heart broke for all of them!!

10 / 10


I loved this movie, it's original and so different from those cliche movies

10 / 10

Brilliantly bittersweet, and so real

The people who I watched Acquainted with talked afterwards for hours about the people and the relationships in the movie. We had to remind ourselves it was a piece of fiction. One person said, "I've been every one of the characters in the movie at different times of my life." It's also wonderful to see the city of Toronto - usually a movie stand-in for mid-size American cities - come into its own in such a vivid, compelling way. The night-time, summertime walk in the park ... probably one of the longest tracking shots in recent cinema ... is so beautiful. Fine writing, deft direction, brilliant acting, and a cinematographer who knows exactly how to frame and film intimacy.

10 / 10

Amazing Film!

This movie kept me on my toes. I really enjoyed it. The cast did a great job!!