A Simple Twist of Fate (1994)

Steve Martin, Gabriel Byrne, Laura Linney, Catherine O'Hara,
His life was emotionally closed off from the world, until an orphaned baby showed up at his house.
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  • George Eliot, Writer:
  • Gillies MacKinnon, Director:
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9/10 / 10

This film is so understated and underrated as to be in danger ofcompletely disappearing from the radar screen. For Steve Martin to bein a non-Jerk type roll makes seeing this movie next to impossible fora great number of people. No, he's not acting weird. No, he doesn'thave an arrow on his head. No, he isn't going for the laugh. This isMr. Martin at his acting best. If you were impressed by his recent turnin 'Shopgirl' the do yourself a favor and go out of your way to find acopy of this movie. Are there times when humor finds its way into thismovie? Oh yeah but for the most part there is nothing but good solidstorytelling with excellent casting and an excellent script. See thismovie if you want to see a wonderful character study acted out by asuperb cast.

/ 10

Ok, let me set the record straight by saying that I have NEVER cried overANY movie. That is, when I saw this, I ALMOST cried.

The story begins in Washington DC in 1979, when music teacher MichaelMcCannis instructing his students, when his wife shows up and tells him that thebaby is not his. The movie then flashes forward to 1984 Virginia, wherehehas become almost like a miser.

Steve Martin (one of my fave performers, just read my reviews) turned in astellar performance as Michael McCann. He had such a sweet personality atthe start of the film, then all of a sudden he became a lonely miser,hoarding his coins, until Billy Baldwin, my most loathed of allBaldwins-besides Daniel (I LOVE Steven and Alec) steals them. Then, abeautiful toddler comes to his house, and he immediately takes her in. Ilove his chemistry with young Mathilda, who went from being a cute baby toabeautiful young girl.

Kudos to Alana Austin, who played Mathilda at 11. She was fabulous, and Ithink she is one of the best child actors I've seen in a longtime.

Now that I have seen this film, for my school's summer reading assignment,Iam going to convince my Literature teacher to let me read "Silas Marner,"where this movie comes from. I hope I can.

See this film. You'll be glad you did!!!

/ 10

I feel that Steve Martin acted well in this movie as well as adapting it.I've heard people comment that Martin was not made for this role, howeverI've seen him do worse in his natural genre, i.e. The Man With Two Brains.

Watching the movie prompted me to read the book and it did not ruin thebook. Maybe because the two stories are set in different era's, but Ichoose to believe that it is because Martin adapted the book nicely forthemovie and that George Eliot wrote a good book. Viva laSteve!

/ 10

Steve Martin is, and will always be, a comedian first and foremost. Buteveryone needs to do something different in their life and he does it well!Mr. Martin took the story of Silas Mariner and has updated it to a wonderfulstory. It's not a comedy movie because it's not a comedic book that it camefrom. I think that Mr. Martin has kept the feelings of loss and rebirth (forlack of a better phrasing) vibrantly alive in this adaptation. Steve MartinCAN do drama and he does it so well. The story and characters are rich. Youare drawn in to the despair of the main character, feeling for him, butstill wanting to kick him in the pants and tell him to get on with, not justlife, but living. And when the opportunity to do so presents itself to him.It is a joy to watch him become human again. I could go on forever, but I'monly allowed 1,000 words. Not enough for this movie, so see for yourselfwhat it is that makes Steve Martin not just a versatile actor, but a GOODactor.

9/10 / 10

Steve Martin wrote, directed and starred in this film. And he did a greatjob!A heartwarming film about an adopted child, her adopted father, and someveryunhappy rich people.Thank you very much Mr Martin