A Great Movie (\N)

Mark Beltzman, Natasha Esca, Numa Perrier, Melissa Pino, Jake Olson, Ben Solenberger, Matt Beurois, Jose Casasús,
As a screenwriter takes notes from Hollywood executives, her beautiful, diverse movie about a Black American woman traveling to Mexico slowly becomes a romantic comedy with an all-white cast. A quirky cerebral look into commercial...
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9 / 10

Una great movie within a movie

What an original, imaginative piece. Beautifully shot, an homage to a small Mexican village and the people who live there, some wonderful actors and all of it ably crafted by Jennifer Sharp, who brings into focus the many factors that exist in bringing one's dream, in this case a script to fruition on the big screen. There's also a case to be made to follow your truth and be strong enough not to listen to every Tom, Dick, or Harriet's opinions.

10 / 10

Really original and fun!

This movie is super creative and funny! The story makes fun of how stereotypical Hollywood and its executives can be, all while existing as its own unique film with a diverse cast. Well worth watching! Great work from Jennifer Sharp and the whole cast & crew.

9 / 10

Funny, touching and worth a watch

A movie that is rich in the full continuum of diversity that I found funny, touching and very well acted. Touched with a bit of satire and humor, the story is a good one bolstered by good direction. Funny but gives you enough to think about after the credits I would recommend.

10 / 10

Beautifully inventive indie movie!

If you're looking for a straight Hollywood movie, go look somewhere else, but if you enjoy a smart story about how smart stories evolve or what gets in their way, you've come to the right place.

Writer/Director Jennifer Sharp takes us on two different journeys: One of her protagonist to Mexico in search of new purpose and direction and one of a writer in, well, search of new purpose and direction who is writing that story and getting a lot of not always quite so helpful comments on the way on how to give her movie a "broader appeal". The result is a sweet story of a woman trying to find her destiny in a beautifully shot but not superficially picturesque Mexico and a writer desperate to successfully navigate through Hollywood's maelstrom without going under.

10 / 10

A sweet, funny, clever & wry original

Una Great Movie, the touching, smart story of a movie in a movie, is all about trying to achieve your dreams in the face of countless setbacks. Set on a beautiful island in Mexico and in L. A., it combines a satirical look at the biases of the film business with a playful, enchanting and stereotype-busting story of two black women friends seeking love and making friends on a trip to Mexico. Great acting & writing, charming characters, beautiful shots and scenery, and lovely music combine to make Una Great Movie a film to savor, remember and rewatch (which I did).