A Fatal Romance (2020)

Danica McKellar, Victor Webster, Bruce Boxleitner, Cory Lee,
A romance writer is killed and you've got to read between the lines in order to find the killer.
  • 6.5 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2022-06-28 Added:
  • Marcy Holland, Writer:
  • Terry Ingram, Director:
  • John Prince, Producer:
5 / 10

Better, but still not great

This one is eons better than the first one on numerous levels. Ms. Mckeller toned it way back which helped and the plot was more believable than the first mystery; however, I'm still not getting any chemistry between Ms. Mckeller and Mr. Webster, in fact there was more chemistry between Angie and her old flame Ethan than her and the detective. Overall Mr. Webster seems to be completely uninterested in the whole thing and it's coming through in his acting. He kind of comes off annoyed to be there. I'm glad I gave it another shot but probably won't be continuing with this series. In layman's terms, it's boring.

10 / 10

Great mystery

I love the two of main characters in this mystery. Delightful and cute!!

7 / 10

Enjoyable Murder Mystery

I like the cast.Its similar style to the other hallmark mysteries, but i would say better than most story wise.

2 / 10

Disappointing to say the least

I'm not going to give any spoilers so please watch for your own opinion. I found it uninteresting and not suspenseful at all. I couldn't wait until it was over and such an uneventful, disappointing wrap up to the mystery. It felt like it had nowhere to go so they just hurried and ended it and tried to add some suspense. No real mystery, it felt like the plot was shallow and full of holes. I'm sorry to say the lead actors just don't make their characters that interesting to watch. I love Danica but not in this mystery series, she just seems like she's trying too hard at times and is unnatural. The male lead doesn't seem to interact with her much in this one and allows Danica's character to do all the detective work. End result... not very entertaining. The first one was actually better even with no chemistry between lead actors.

1 / 10


The ultimate, ultimate disrespect from Hallmark to their viewers: on the lower right-hand side of the tv screen they have Hallmark movies and Mysteries logo and on the lower left taking up 1/9 of the screen, a man's picture saying "all new Martha's Vineyard mystery Premieres Sunday" 2 huge logos on the screen non stop. It is soooo aggrivating, annoying, and maddening!! Outrageous treatment of its viewers. Cannot stand it. People want to get lost in the movie instead of sitting there reminding us incessantly, this is a movie with these logos on the screen..... total disrespect of us.