A Christmas Open House (2022)

Monica Bradley, Olivia Barle, Diesel Brown, Josué Charles,
Follows Melissa, an Atlanta property stager who teams with her old high school crush, David, to renovate and sell her mom's house, and as Christmas approaches and the tensions grow, so does a romantic relationship between them.
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  • Garrett Frawley, Brian Turner, Writer:
  • Emily Moss Wilson, Director:
  • Mark Crump, Producer:

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10 / 10

My favorite Christmas movie so far! Loved the guest stars!

Loved the two lead actors and Ben and Erin Napier, as well, really made the whole movie shine. It was fun to see Ben's workshop and the pieces he and Erin, in character, designed for the movie.

The house update was fun to watch as was the growing chemistry between the two leads. The small town setting was relaxing compared to so many movies set in a bustling big traffic filled city.

The music choices were charming as well instead of the jangling overly loud new wave type music that other shows put over the top of dialogue.

I've watched all this season's holiday movies and this one has been the best. I really enjoyed it.

2 / 10

Omg HGTV what we're you thinking????

I have watched HGTV since it's beginning. This was painful to watch!!!! It was slow, forced, and I couldn't get through it fast enough, I love Ben and Erin (one C star for each of them), but not everybody can be the Hallmark channel. If I wasn't able to fast forward through the DVR, I probably would've never finished watching it. I kept thinking it would get better, but it never did. I grew up in a very small town or this type of thing could happen-so I appreciate that. This movie was so slow moving and there's wasn't any chemistry between the actor and actress. Who screened this movie and gave it a thumbs up? HGTV needs to leave movie making to other channels and keep producing more HGTV hits. Don't be something you're not. Just be you!