A Christmas Mystery (2014)

Esmé Bianco, Ryan Bittle, John Ratzenberger, John Colton,
A Christmas Mystery is a TV movie starring Esmé Bianco, Ryan Bittle, and John Ratzenberger. When a reporter discovers that her late mother had been receiving Christmas cards from a secret admirer, she decides to track him down. In...
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2 / 10

So what happened to the dog?? (The real mystery ;")

Did I miss something?? The hero (and sometimes, the heroine) carries small dog, Murray I think, with him everywhere for maybe 45 minutes of the film. Then the 2 humans leave the bed and breakfast to pursue leads. The night before, the guy slept in car, dog stayed with her due to suspicious landlord and apparent break-in. But when they leave, no mention of dog he always keeps with him. They left little Murray with a dwindling bag of dry dog food in the place that had been broken into? Did Murray demand a bigger salary? Did actors, producer, director, even dog's real owner, forget the little guy? But whew. At the 'tail' end, they're all together celebrating Christmas. Murray is quietly sitting on the sofa. Did he hitchhike back?? We just don't know.Signed, Friend of Murray

4 / 10

A blend and flat Christmas romance mystery.

I am most of the time able to find some positive things to say about a film but regarding this "mystery" the only thing i can think of, and then i were forced to think both hard and long, were and is the great Christmas decorations in houses, shops, boats and on people ( the great knitted Christmas sweaters......in L.A ). The story is blend, colorless and flat. When it comes to the acting it is totally one dimensional, absolutely zero depth in the characters. And that actually makes me sad when the actors personality actually shines thru so much and the seem like very nice people, so i can imagine the set must have been just a delight and a wonderful time for all. To bad that the director did not have the skill to use that dynamic. It was like looking at the nicest of people, trying the best they possibly could with a script made for a middle school nativity play and directions given a prison chain gang.

1 / 10

Terrible movie

Just watched this movie ; I had to write review and warn others. Worst TV movie I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of TV movies in 60 years! This girl can NOT act ! Truly a waste of film.

Horrible! Don't waste your time ! Weak story but plausible. Where did this actress come from? Really bad!

Who thought this movie was good? I mean, Really? I doubt it will ever replay on TV! Maybe she needed to fulfill contract or something. No emotion whatsoever . A score of 1 is way too much. It was like a bad dream. Can't believe they would produce this. Be warned! Even the ending was bad!

8 / 10

Christmas, Mystery, Romance - 3 Great Components

Someone gave a review that they didn't know where the dog disappeared to. Evidently, they didn't watch to the end of the movie. I love this movie it show heart, compassion, and not your usual holiday movie. The only reason I give this an 8 was because it wasn't like a Martin Scorsese movie or a huge masterpiece. However, it is truly enjoyable with just the right amount of each component. There was a few discrepancies but they weren't really too obvious.

7 / 10


She is the worst actress in the world?? and what happen with the dog ,where they live him.