A Cape Cod Christmas (2021)

Katie Leclerc, Brent Bailey, Cindy Lentol, Chris Owen,
When a children's author hosts one last Christmas dinner with her disagreeable siblings before they sell the family house, she reunites with her childhood sweetheart who helps her find a way to keep the home she loves so dearly.
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  • Megan Freels Johnston, Writer:
  • John Stimpson, Director:
  • Mark Donadio, Miriam Marcus, Producer:


8 / 10

Charming Holiday Movie

This is a charming movie for the holiday season. The romantic coupling between the two leads Margot (Katie Leclerc, best known for Switched at Birth) and Brent Bailey (various supporting TV roles) is gently heartwarming without devolving into an overly schmaltzy Hallmark TV movie.

The story revolves around Margot's return to her family home in Cape Cod which is now being sold after the passing of her parents. Margot's greedy siblings are anxious to cash in on their inheritance by selling to a buyer who insists on closing the deal before Christmas. Since Margot lacks the finds to buy out our brother and sister, she is forced to go along with the sale.

The real drama however is that between Margot and Brent which develops in a gentle way without seeming forced or cloying. Their banter is as entertaining as it is sensitive, and this is the kind of movie that you can enjoy late one night over a cup of hot cocoa, tucked up under the duvet, either alone or with a loved one. Their romance has its ups and downs although and we are kept guessing as to why their budding love story never seems to gain traction.

The only real weakness of the film is the misleading title. It is supposed to be a Cape Cod "Christmas" tale. Except the lush Autumn foliage suggests that shooting took place in October rather than late December! Or it is simply the warmest Cape Cod winter on record. But if one is willing to allow for the suspension of disbelief that the filmmakers ask of us, then the story will endear itself to all but the most cynical of viewers.

10 / 10

This movie was really cute!

What a wonderful movie to get you in the jingle mood. Katie Leclerc brought so much life to her character and the plot itself. Good plot with no holes. Lovely setting (very visually pleasing). Would recommend for anyone looking for a good Christmas movie to watch this year.