8ight After (2020)

Deanna Rocca, Vincent Rocca,
8ight After is a movie starring Deanna Rocca and Vincent Rocca. After discovering a secret box in the wall of her house, a demonic presence begins terrorizing a YouTuber, at 8 after 1:00am every night.
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  • Tom Ayers, Jay Beeber, Michael Hutchinson, Producer:

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10 / 10

A fun movie that is aware of itself

Its homage or its life imitating art. Either way its fun. The portate cross, vlog style and stalker breath originality into the ghost story.

10 / 10

Outstanding horror movie

This was an amazing movie. Based on a true story. Horror, suspense and comedy combined. Excellent cinematography and music. Lovely shots of los Angeles and the moon. Had me on the edge of my seat. It is a must watch! Hope to see more from Vincent Rocca soon.

9 / 10

Do you believe?

All in all I thought it was well done. I truly believed that he thought his wife was nuts and I would feel the same way if it happened to me. The sleepwalking was creepy. The wife and I enjoyed it.