8 Bit Christmas (\N)

In 1980s Chicago, a ten-year-old sets out on a quest to get the Christmas gift of his generation - the latest and greatest video game system.
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8 / 10

for the grumpy...

Men and woman that today are grandparents and even greatgrandparents around the world,this flick will be a return to the unbelievable 1980's, where everything was magic, especially on the gaming front, where a nintendo or a sega made you the king of the hill in your neighbourhood, or made you become a looser like me due to lack of money and far too conservatively concerning parents of a secondhand pre 2nd world war born generation, being convinced that every digital gadget contained a death beam and that the violent nature of the games would damage the fragile numbheaded kid of theirs, meaning i had to thievelend for five bucks pr weekend a handheld gizmo acting as firefighter saving poor jumpers from a hirise on fire, giving me nightmares of the neurotic kind, becoming nervously hit by a mental issue called counting or numerologia that still 50 years later riding my grumpy old mind...

well its that kinda movie that the young generation of today will scratch the back of their neck, but much of the realism of back then is told very well in this christmas carol called 8-bit christmas. Its a well made movie, with a great cast of kids with no stagefright at all, a story us gompers can giggle of and the kids of to day relate to, and most of all show how expensive everything new and everybodys urge to mustve stuff was back then. It will rewoke the child in you, cause the props and staging and the coloured wire light bulbs will light a fire of emotions and longing back to when life was bright and easy, a pandoras box of of reminissence and nostalgia.

So join into the story told by a father torn apart due to his daughters tormenting one and only and never ever ever after wishing wish to have a smartphone for christmas, and let that be a guideline for your gift investments for once in a lifetime, and a merry yule for you too. Its a recommend, and my wish for christmas is english for birthlanguage...

6 / 10

Retro good

Some funny lines regarding today's technology generation and they are all true. Good little actors. Great ending! A bit sentimental but that's the whole point! What's missing from this social media generation and the gamers before them is the sentimentality of life (and a work ethic). It's worth a watch.

8 / 10

An Instant Christmas Classic

Every year I watch Home Alone 1 and 2, Jingle All The Way, Die Hard, A Christmas Story and more. 8 bit Christmas has now been added to the list. This movie speaks volumes to the generation of the 80s. Its fun, funny, entertaining, a great story, has a lesson more kids need to learn today, and has heart. Go watch it on HBO Max right now. You won't regret it.

8 / 10

The New Elf, only very different

Bought to us by the maker of Elf, here is a story less full of the low level stooge humor of Elf and more a light hearted slap in the face story of a wake up call. It's here trying to remind the self-centered lost fools of what actual matters, and matters most. Very heart felt and true. Life is one simple thing, experiences shared. Merry Christmas Everyone! And R. I. P. To all the souls we've had the pleasure of experiencing and lost along the way. Take off your blinders people and bless this amazingly beautiful world of ours, be present and honest to everyone and of course yourself.

6 / 10

Wasn't bad, kinda forgettable.

I'm about the same age as the main character in this movie and also a big gamer. I was hoping for more of a love letter to the NES or video games, but it really kinda wasn't. It wasn't a bad movie at all, but it was just kinda forgettable.

I don't think this will ever become a Christmas Classic, but it's still worth a watch.