38 at the Garden (2022)

Tyson Chandler, Jeremy Lin, Lisa Ling,
Follows the cultural impact of NBA trailblazer Jeremy Lin during his 2011-12 season with the New York Knicks and the cultural phenomenon known as "Linsanity".
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  • Frank Chi, Director:
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2 / 10

Strong Nope

Thought I'd tune in to watch a quick interesting piece about an underdog story that captivated the nation for a few weeks back in the 2010's, culminating with the 38 point game at the Garden that led to the Lin-sanity phenomenon.

Instead, in the first ten minutes we get blasted with victim-bias and racism blaming for a below-average NBA player who wasn't given a fair chance due to being Asian.

There is no ignoring this is very cheaply done. It has YouTube quality production and a similar threshold for it's guest interviewees. Not sure who any of those people were, but having Jeremy himself on there whining about not getting fair looks for college scholarships was the icing on the cake. At that point, this 38 minute documentary became about 26 minutes too long and I was out .

10 / 10

Powerful Story of Hope

What Jeremy accomplished and still stands for should be a source of hope and inspiration for everyone. This film features an all-star cast of Asian American luminaries, including the inimitable Hasan Minhaj dropping some truth bombs. Frank Chi establishes himself as an exciting new voice in storytelling with this debut short. Laugh, cry and understand the Asian American experience just that much better. The animation also deserves a special call out, helping to deepen the story and add moments of sublime levity that punctuates the narrative flow in a really nice way. All around the positive vibes we all need.

10 / 10

More than meets the eye

I love it! This isn't just story about one person. It is a story about a community. It is brilliantly done, where the experience of one individual is a collective experience that affect a whole community. Watching this, show us all that even the greatest and must successful person is hindered by sterotypes that affects us all.

It is great to hear the story of what is going on, but what makes this movie more different, is to hear the voices of those who is outside seeing these events, and how it affected them. How the event itself may not have been a huge action (even though 38 points against Lakers & Kobe is no small feat), can influence and impact many in the community. And create glimpse of hope. The true American dream.

This isn't just an underdog story. It is a story about someone who was put into a box, and that person proved that he is more than inside the box. And how a whole community felt the same way, and see him as inspiration of what one can be, if they just fought instead of follow the expectations.

10 / 10

window into historic moment and its cultural impact

As a casual basketball viewer during the time of Linsanity, I thought it was inspiring to see an undrafted player generate the confidence required to excel in the NBA. The doc gave me greater insight into Lin's foundation and where that confidence came from. Stories of people believing in themselves despite odds transfer a sense of pride we as viewers can tap into in our personal lives. It was beautifully shot and cut in a way that kept me wanting to hear and see what was next. Animations of crowds celebrating during Linsanity took me back to the era where he was going off. Amazing job to the entire team and recommend you give it a watch.

10 / 10

Inspiring story

Excellent documentary on an inspiring moment in history, all the hard work that led up to it, and how it fits into the context of the Asian American experience today. A moment in history when everyone was caught up watching an underdog succeed in defeating the titans of the game.

Great mix of interviews of fellow players and fans of the NBA along with animation segments to dramatize key moments. Here is an athlete who played at the top of his game while still managing to be a decent human being, imagine that, sometimes rare in professional sports. Should be necessary viewing for all the kids out there looking for motivation and inspiration in pursuing their dreams and ambitions against all odds.