2177: The San Francisco Love Hacker Crimes (2018)

Sean Patrick Flanery, Dominique Swain, Miracle Laurie, Shane Coffey, K.T. Tatara, Black Thomas, Michael Rose,
Mysterious stranger helped save the day when proper data was obtained no one was harmed
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  • Jose Figueroa, Director:
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1 / 10


After 5 minutes i was so tired of this terrible CGI movie. The production is so bad you will get annoyed at once.

1 / 10


The style of this movie is clearly due to budget constraints.

The whole thing is filmed on green screen add the backdrops are added after.

Often the backdrops look.more like poor quality screen savers.

Some of the backdrops make no sense either.

Its was like watching a very poor stage play.

The real issue is a total lack of coherent story telling, Poor acting, awful sound. Many times the sounds did not match up to what was happening.

I think this was probably filmed in a day or 2 in a theatre with green screen as someones side project.

It could be possible to do something like this and create something half decent.

This wasn't it

1 / 10

What even was this

I don't even know what this was supposed to be. It's like a series of random people in front of obviously fake green screens with obviously fake cgi touchscreens in front of them.

Dude from boondock saints does what he can but it's just not even salvageable in any way. Not many movies honestly deserve a 1/10, but I can whole heartedly say this one does.

1 / 10

Please stop!

How did this happen? Seriously. I got 1:48 into it and almost vomited. The CGI is THAT bad. The 'hippie'? chick delivering the first lines of the movie. Horrible.Don't waste your time, this is a truly horrible.......I can't even call it a movie.It's so bad I actually registered so I could warn others.

1 / 10

Only gave it a 1 as 0 isn't allowed

This is an awesome, instructional film that the industry can learn a lot from: performance, script, dialogue, direction, editing, production quality, effects... All great examples of what not to do.