13: Fanboy (2019)

Vincente DiSanti, Drew Leighty,
An obsessed fan stalks his favorite actors from the Friday the 13th films and beyond, mirroring his idol Jason Voorhees.
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10 / 10


Highly recommend this film, loved the story behind it and all those 80s stars in 1 film twas a dream come true GO WATCH!!!!

A real treat with the way of the world is right now and I will be watching again.

10 / 10

Thrills and chill abound

I can't say how much this film is needed for Friday fans. It brings back an all star cast from rhw Friday the 13th franchise and the twists and turns are a complete surprise. I would recommend fans of the franchise to watch this movie because it it brings together favorites as fictionalized versions of themselves as well as showing the reality of how an obsessed fan can terrorize actors. The surprise ending with blow you away.

10 / 10

Brilliant homage to a popular series

Director Deborah Voorhees (Tina in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning) who also wrote the screenplay with Joel Paul Reisig. Brings us 13 Fanboy. A fresh and original concept based on The Friday 13 Franchise.

Deborah came up with the clever concept of 13 years ago Deborah playing herself is murdered by a masked stalker. Now flash forward to present day her granddaughter Kelsie (Hayley Greenbauer) who witnessed the murder of her grandmother. Now she is a scream queen and is being stalked Along with veteran Horror queen Dee Wallace Stone.

The whole fun of this is this stalker is terrorizing past Friday The 13 alumni. Everyone from past Jason's, victims and survivors they are all playing themselves. One exception is the every versatile and entertaining Corey Feldman.

Corey Feldman plays a creepy producer named Mike Merryman.

It's a whose who of Friday the 13 past. You will find yourself screaming out what past chapter they were in, how they died and there charectors name. Which just adds to All the fun while watching.

While most of the stars have quick appearances but notable a few have very fun imaginative placements in the story. Ron Sloan one if the most memorable of past victims. Who could forget Junior from part 5. Well ironically he was married to Dee Wallace and had a family with her. Other fun appearances are Judie Aronson and C. J. Graham who are regulars at the conventions attended by Kelsie and Dee. Feldman almost steels the show with his outrageous yet totally fun appearances.

One appearance which stayed with me was the bone displayed by everyone's favorite Jason, Kane Hodder.

13 Fanboy is a brilliant idea put together by Deborah Voorhees. Deborah you were one of my favorite and still from your memorable performance in Part 5. It comes at a time that all us F13 fans yearn the return of Jason. Seeing everyone from the past United like this was a total blast. It doesn't poke fun but truly honors one of the most memorable horror franchises in movie history.

10 / 10

A must see!!

What a excellent movie!!! If your a fan of the friday the 13th franchise this is a must see!! It was great to see so many actors from the franchise it just made my damn heart so happy.

Great job everyone!!

6 / 10

Some good kills

I love Deb Voorhees. She's an amazing person and really created something special for friday fans...

For a fan fiction movie it's top notch but don't expect the same production value as a big studio, obviously.

There are a lot of characters in the movie... and if your just a casual fan of Friday , it might be a little confusing.

Had some good scenes and some really liked what Kane Hodder brought to the movie. He's such a likeable person...

Too many set up scenes and not a lot of character development... we could have shaved a few characters off and focused more on the fanboy backstory IMO...

If you liked the scream franchise and meta universe then you will possibly like this more tha I did.

Overall a t was nice to see some of the classic Friday fans in a new movie... I'm nostalgic about this franchise...

The ending was unexpected but a little sloppy and out of place...

See it for yourself... support this movie...