12 Angry Men (1997)

Jack Lemmon, George C. Scott, Hume Cronyn, Ossie Davis,
Twelve men must decide the fate of one when one juror objects to the jury's decision.
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  • Reginald Rose, Writer:
  • William Friedkin, Director:
  • Terence A. Donnelly, Producer:

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5 / 10

Another dozen deciding someone's fate

Jack Lemmon and George C. Scott lead another troupe of players in that classicabout men on a jury in a capital case 12 Angry Men. As I said in my review of the original film, it's a wonderfully acted but inherently flawed classic.

It's been updated somewhat as the original dozen were 12 angry white men. Nowomen, but that would compromise the title. At one time just being a womanwas an automatic out. Here we have Mykleti Williamson, Courtney B. Vance,Ossie Davis, and Dorian Harewood on the jury.

The fault with the first is repeated here. No way to get around it, the moment was a dramatic high point. Jack Lemmon in the Henry Fonda part announcesto his fellow deliberaters that he visited the neighborhood of the crime andproduces the exact same make and model of the switchblade weapon used inthe murder.

Sorry folks, but it is still standard jury instructions that jurors NEVER visit thescene of the crime or the neighborhood of same. And you never do ANYindependent investigating. When Lemmon produces that switchblade an immediate mistrial should have been called. Besides how did he get it throughthe metal detectors?

This version of 12 Angry Men, still wonderfully acted and directed, still inherently flawed.

7 / 10

Gives a whole new meaning to the word `remake'

This TV-movie is truly remarkable. It's a remake of an undeniable classic, and that word usually brings tears to your eyes. Remakes normally are a lame excuse used by uninspired directors to make more money out of a good idea. You know the drill of the average remake: bigger, louder and as less tribute to the original as possible. William Friedkin's take on 12 Angry Men is the exact opposite of all this. It's a modest re-telling of the story but obviously made with endless amounts of professionalism and respect towards the original. Taken up to an even higher level by on of the best ensemble casts of the nineties! All members of the jury are familiar faces and some of them give away the best performances in their entire career. The acting level of the cast during some of the intense discussions and debates almost burns holes in the screens?it's that perfect. A very special word of respect and worship goes out to Jack Lemmon, Hume Cronym and George C. Scott. These 3 late legends of the big screen kept on giving amazing performances till they sadly passed away. May their souls rest in piece, cinema will never forget them. Of course, I can't give this version the honor of being better than the original masterpiece starring Henry Fonda, but nevertheless it's an intense and fascinating courtroom drama that'll leave no soul unharmed. Naturally, one could ask the question if it was really necessary to create an update of 12 Angry Men?the answer to that would be ?no' of course, but what the heck. Almost every remake, sequel or spin-off is unnecessary, but that doesn't mean they can't be enjoyable.

5 / 10

Not Too Impressed . Know What I Mean ?

After reading all the glowing praise about this remake of 12 ANGRY MEN I sat down hoping to see a reinterpretation of a classic film , but it`s more or less the same script filmed in colour with a different cast . No doubt one way of looking at it is that the original Reginald Rose script hasn`t been destroyed by radical rewriting but like the remakes of THE GETAWAY and PSYCHO it seems a waste of time making something that`s almost the exact same as the original shot for shot . The producers do deserve some credit for making the rabid reactionary racist a black muslim thereby saving the viewer from some patronizing PC garbage but at the end of the day the original movie didn`t need remaking and this TVM proves it

8 / 10

Beyond a reasonable doubt!!

12 angry men the original is a true masterpiece, this remake is just a fine picture, supported by the amazing casting as Jack Lemmon. George C. Scott, Ossie Davis, Hume Cronyn and Armin Mueller Stahl, the atmosphere looks like almost the same, but lose the first impact to the viewers over the original, therefore stay clear that this remake was some steps behind, still has a psychological approach of human nature, when someone has to decided just by first impression given on the courthouse, by simply facts, without proper consideration, this picture was a warning for those who are in charge to decided between life and death!!!


First watch: 2019 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8

7 / 10

not as good as the original,but still worth watching

this remake of the 1957 classic is actually pretty good.it doesn't have the same impact or resonance of the original,but it is good int it's own right.just like in the original,there are some fine actors here.Courtney B. Vance,William Petersen,Ossie Davis,George C. Scott,Armin Mueller-Stahl(who has never turned in a bad performance,even in a bad movie)and jack Lemmon are just a few of the brilliant performers here.there is only one weak link. and for me,that would be Tony Danza.he just seems out of his league here.although it wasn't necessary to remake the classic version(since there was no way to improve on it)at least they didn't butcher the material.for me,Twelve Angry men is a 7/10