100 Girls (2000)

Jonathan Tucker, Emmanuelle Chriqui, James DeBello, Katherine Heigl,
This sexy, teen-comedy is about a freshman, Matthew, at college who meets his dream girl in a dorm elevator during a blackout. He never sees her face, but instantly falls in love. In the morning, the power is restored, but the...
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  • Michael Davis, Director:
  • Ehud Bleiberg, Richard Finney, Yitzhak Ginsberg, Terence Michael, Producer:
7/10 / 10

Sometimes you want to watch a film that makes you think a bit...but not toomuch...makes you laugh and just veg out and watch. This is that film. It'snot a brilliant film. It doesn't make you want to change the world. It wasjust cute and fun and has a happy ending....what more could you want whenyou're sitting back flipping through channels on a boring saturdayafternoon?

/ 10

I actually like 100 girls, it tried to show you the inner mind of how aguythinks and probably not all guys think like that but i think a few deepdown.Its pretty much all about a guy who met a girl in the elevator and fellinlove but unfortunately never saw her face. It seems a little unlikely butwho knows it could happen.I give the movie a 8/10 it had some good humor and laughs and it did keepmy interest up the WHOLE movie. Also it just seemed like a good time, Iwould recommend this to anyone!

5/10 / 10

"100 Girls" is a slightly naive comedy romp about a college freshman whohassex with an unknown coed on an elevator during a blackout and then spendsthe entire run time searching the girls' dorm for his "Cinderella". Tuckeris at the center of this fun little romp which is chock full of babes buthas little nudity, no raunch, and some heart. Unsophisticated but fun,creative though cliche, "100 Girls" aptly dignifies women without deifyingthem during the self-narrated dissertation on the difference between thesexes. Most likely to be enjoyed by college age men and older guys, likeme,who remember their college years with nostalgia.

/ 10

When this movie first appeared i wanted to watch it with my friends,laugh a lot, maybe make out with my girlfriend, i don't know. Still inever got the chance to do this, so i saw it just now alone in my dormroom. I must say that it was pretty much different from what iexpected. I thought it would be something like "American Pie", or "VanWilder", but it turned out to be more than just that. This movie reallymade me think about certain aspects regarding men and women, and ifound out that much of the stuff mentioned is true and very wellsustained by arguments. Overall it is a movie that gives a young personmuch to think about.

1/10 / 10

A horrible follow-up to the horrible Eight Days a Week. Both films sharethe same basic idea: Gorgeous women will swoon for a boring, 98-poundweakling. The beautiful women will go out with this geek because hetreatsthem with a modicum of common courtesy, unlike the muscular Neanderthalsthey had been dating before. Although said geek pretends to care aboutthewomen, he only appreciates them for their bodies. Yet because the geek isportrayed as "sensitive" every woman in the area falls for this fool (asifguys who think this way aren't a dime a dozen in real life). It's theusualdouble-standard: guy falls girl because she's beautiful, girl falls forunattractive guy because he's the least rude male. The film pretends tobesympathetic towards women but ends up being utterly condescending. Afterseeing two of this writer-director's witless films that have gone straightto cable, I am wondering how on earth he gets them greenlit.